The film (A)Sexual focused on the formation of the group “AVEN,” which aims to promote the visibility and education of asexuality in the mainstream. What was apparent in the film was the desire to categorize or quantify the group in order to promote solidarity. Categorization of a group, however, can be destructive to the goals of queer activism such that it has the capability to reinforce binaries. Although in this case, I don’t necessarily think it applies. Categorization of a group also has the ability to form a community and to foster solidarity. Additionally, it also helps legitimize one’s identity. This is acknowledging, though, that the need to legitimize one’s identity in the mainstream is a result of a patriarchal, heteronormative society which dismisses unconventional identities as “other.”

I believe that this film explores the necessity of forming groups in heteronormative society in order to build a safe community where similar people can share their experiences, feelings, and ideas without being shamed or chastised. This is especially important for queer groups, who have yet to completely solidify themselves in the mainstream (by no fault of their own, but as a result of a heteronormative society which consistently rejects queer identities).

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