This Ted Talk by Kimberle Crenshaw directly correlates to her literature piece we read in class.

Her Ted Talk begins with an elimination activity where the audience stands and she begins naming off names of people who have died as a result of police violence. If anyone in the audience does not recognize the name, they sit down. The first few names she used were men’s names that had died as a result of police brutality. Half way through, still half of the audience is standing. Towards the end she only uses women’s names and people began sitting quickly. Her point here was to point out how these women of color not only were oppressed by the police because of their race but also forgotten because they were women.

This is exactly what she was talking about in her article about how black women experience a different kind of oppression in society and as a result have a hard time fighting for their rights because both their race and gender, a huge piece of their identity, is commonly oppressed. She then begins to talk about the idea of intersectionality to be able to accomplish a progressive fight against the policies that continue this kind of double oppression on different groups.

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