Considering unconventional expressions of love that are shown in advertisements made me think about the number of food commercials I see that are romantically or sexually charged. Though Sandoval encourages us to re-think how we perceive love, and asks us to imagine this experience existing outside of a romantic couple in a relationship, I wonder if she would encourage her theory to be applied to an interaction between people and products. This reading, along with other texts from our class, has made me reflect on odd expressions of love or sexuality that I see in the media, mostly through advertisements. It is common in advertisements to see characters expressing sexual feelings toward their food, talking to their food and experiencing obvious pleasure from consuming it It’s questionable why we accept expressions like these, toward inanimate objects that we consume, as acceptable while the ideas of Sandoval are considered radical. However, with this expression of love, the bottles of coke acting as the transferable force between people, seems to be sort of in line with the theories of Sandoval. This commercial offers representations of many different types of relationships, and what appears to be varying expressions of love. This commercial can be read in a way that supports Sandoval’s theories, but more than anything it is a commercialization of love or affection.

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