The documentary “Married to the Eiffel Tower” aligns with Cathy Cohen piece “Punks Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens” in the way that it looks at its characters in opposition to “normal” notions of sexuality and heteronormativity, rather than exploring ideas of the fluidity of sexuality and the idea that any concrete labels and binaries of sexuality are social constructs instead of being somehow factual or biological. I think the film should have taken an approach that did more to show objectum sexuality as just another behavior within the realm of sexuality that should not be compared or contrasted to any other sexual interactions. The women depicted in this film are able to ignore social pressures and make choices to lead their lives in a way that makes them most happy and comfortable while doing absolutely no harm to anyone else, so I don’t think discussions of anything like “where is the line?” (regarding what is sexually acceptable) are appropriate. Rather, the people who choose this lifestyle are acting on internal feelings that are completely justified because nobody else has a right to judge or restrict the way they choose to lead their lives in whatever peaceful way they find to be the most meaningful and fulfilling.

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